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Optimise your Windows PC, Mac or laptop with new AVG TuneUp.

Even the newest, most powerful laptops and PCs can begin to experience slow-downs, battery drain, storage issues and performance bottlenecks in just a matter of months. But how do you improve your computer’s performance?

It used to be that short of reinstalling your operating system or resetting your machine to its factory default state was the only sure way of getting your hardware to get back running at top performance. But that’s time consuming, and backing up all your files, music and photos and then reinstalling all your software can be a bit of a nightmare.

And that’s where AVG TuneUp could help you. It’s an all-in-one package designed to keep you and all your family’s hardware running as fast as the day you opened the box it came in.

So what is it then?

AVG TuneUp then is an all in one software app that comes with over 40 built in tools to help you optimize your PC’s performance with as little input from you as possible. And having installed and tested (played with it for several hours) I can say that this much is true.

Essentially, AVG TuneUp is what it says it is, and on my hardware anyway, does everything it says it can. And that’s a good thing. Of course, there are any number of individual disk cleaners, registry scrubbers, and browser cleaners out there on the web these days, but good decent all in one, fire and forget packages are, in my own humble experience, few and far between. That’s a large part of the reason I really like AVG’s new TuneUp.

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The more eagle eyed of you out there will have noticed that this brand spanking new edition doesn’t have 2017 added to the end of the title description either. Like Windows 10, AVG will now just always keep subscribers up to date with the latest version, and that’s good as well.

Like its sibling, AVG Internet Security-Unlimited, just one subscription will cover every Windows, Apple, and Android device in your family. The ‘AVG Zen’ network allows you to remotely manage every registered device from one well designed and easy on the eyes management screen. This is a particularly nice feature that lets you see just how healthy everyone’s hardware is.

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There is some comfort as well in knowing that thanks to the new ‘Automatic Software Updater,’ TuneUp now pushes updates to itself automatically as they’re releases, so there’s no one annual big bang style upset. This also means that subscribers will get their hand on new features and improvements automatically as well. TuneUp will also keep all your other software updated as well, regularly checking to make sure all your software is at the latest version.

Free Up Space

I really think AVG TuneUp shines with the ‘Free Up Space’ option. For me, I’ve always found that the biggest killer to performance on my laptops and PCs has just been the accumulation of junk and random bits of data clogging up my hard drives that no amount of ‘Windows Clean Up,’ will get rid of. TuneUp’s disk cleaner is superior to almost everything else out there now, and it’s almost worth the subscription cost on its own.

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Avoid Battery Drain

The next biggest killer on system performance and battery drain are all those apps that run in the background constantly using up memory and tying up system processes. The ‘Deep Sleep’ mode does a great job of putting all those pesky start-up programs to sleep or blocks them killing their drain on resources. Where most people will notice the improvement is in boot speeds. On one of my test laptops, the boot time improved by 30 seconds.

Of course, what with this being the internet age, the all new enhanced ‘Browser Cleaner,’ not only speeds up your browser, but also cleans 60 types of browser traces from new releases of Chrome, Firefox, IE, and new for 2017, even Edge.

Installing and running TuneUp is simple and easy, and the UI looks good and is simple but effective and doesn’t come with lots of flashy unnecessary bells and whistles.

Tons Of Useful Tools

TuneUp comes with over 40+ tools as standard, including Live Optimization, and a program deactivator that I just love. I also really like the Economy and Flight mode, which really go to town on prolonging battery life, reducing the power consumption of the processor and killing off all those unnecessary background processes that constantly take a toll on your battery.  Economy mode might just be one of those things you just leave on constantly for the extended battery life it delivers.  While I was unable to verify the veracity of AVG’s “144%” battery improvement claim, I did see a significant improvement. Turbo mode also does the same type of thing, but in the other direction to improve performance when gaming etc.

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Like I said at the start, AVG TuneUp does exactly what it says on the tin, and will improve performance, declutter your machine, and keep it up to date and run routine maintenance without you having to lift a finger, and that’s not a bad thing. One subscription pretty much lets you add as many machines and devices as you want, which is a nice feature that turns TuneUp into a real bargain. My recommendation is that you should at least try it, and I think you’ll find it’s something you won’t regret.

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