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What is anti detect browser. AVG FREE and AVG Internet Security Unlimited 2017 Reviewed And Approved!

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AVG FREE + AVG Internet Security Unlimited: The Online Security You Need For 2017

For 2017, AVG Internet Security-Unlimited has a raft of new features that make it easier than ever to protect all your hardware from infection and malware attacks, and protect your whole family with advanced full protection for whatever you do online.

It’s got a nice new interface that’s easy to use for literally anyone, and ‘Scan Computer’ will scan for pretty much everything in one click. The new ‘Deep Scan’ lets you target specific areas and perform custom more intensive scans of hard drives and attached devices, and it’s a good feature for the more advanced user.

I also like the fact that the software will now identify malware of the never-before-seen variety, and sends potential bad stuff back to AVG HQ for its servers to perform more intensive deeper analysis. While this helps protect your own hardware, it also acts as an early warning system that allows for a more global unified form of system protection for everyone. And I like that, I really do.

Unlimited Devices

Just one subscription now also allows you to cover literally, as many devices as you want. I wasn’t so sure how or if that would work, so I spent the best part of an hour last night installing AVG Internet Security-Unlimited on any and every device in the house. The included app that also covers Android phones, was an unexpected bonus. By the end of the night, I had it working on three phones, two tablets, two PCs, and three laptops, and that was nice as well. It also installed and worked on my old Windows XP laptop, which, if I’m honest, I’m still amazed still powers up.

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The Nuts And Bolts

So AVG (or Avast) as well as having unlimited protection for as many devices as you want, also offers all around-the-houses protection. The real-time protection helps keep your computer free of viruses, spyware, ransomware, rootkits, Trojans, and other nasty malware. It also uses advanced artificial intelligence and real-time analysis to stop even the newest threats from reaching you. It also blocks unsafe links, downloads in browsers (Worked on Chrome and Opera for me) and also any dodgy email attachments you run into and perhaps most importantly, any unsafe stuff other people run into. It also comes with a built-in firewall to bounce criminals and snoopers from directly hacking your machines. It’s a good firewall as well! It also helps keep your credit card information safe, and has some advanced features that should stop you from making unsafe purchases from fake sites, or from unwittingly handing your card details over to the wrong people.

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Private Data and Encryption Protection

AVG Internet Security-Unlimited also lets you encrypt and hide your most private photos and files, and permanently shred the stuff you’d rather no one else ever saw or could ever gain access to. From accounts to pictures of, well, that one night in Vegas, to the as yet unpublished first great novel of the 21st Century you’ve been working on for years. With AVG, even if your laptop gets into other hands, you can prevent anyone else, and of course thieves from seeing what’s yours. I like this part of it, I really do.

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Peace Of Mind Updating?

Pretty much. Security updates and new features are pushed out to users automatically as they become available, so with a semi-decent internet connections and a fair wind, you should always be as up to date as possible. While this will help you with new online threats, do remember that the onus is still on you, yourself, to scan for malware yourself.

Of course, it being AVG, there is as you would expect, the totally free version…

AVG Antivirus FREE

So, this is the free antivirus, and well, it looks a lot like the AVG Internet Security we’ve just talked about above, just without some of the extra bells and whistles. Essentially, AVG Antivirus FREE offers you the same constantly updated antivirus as above and the Web and Email protection, for the beautiful cost of nothing.  In real terms the free version is what it’s always been; a refreshingly simple antivirus that still packs a powerful punch that won’t slow you or your machine down. AVG Antivirus FREE is the preferred choice for millions of people worldwide, and has been a permanent feature on most of my machines over the years. That’s probably not much of a recommendation, but I’ve always liked and trusted it.


AVG Internet Security Unlimited is what it is. It offers you top of the tree integrated full protection for as many devices as you can throw at it, and previous versions have earned the trust of millions. You can also try it for free for 30 days to see if you like it, before opting into the yearly $69.99 subscription. That works out by the way at about $3 a month if you have just 2 devices using AVG. And that’s a bargain if ever I saw one.

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My recommendation is that you try out AVG Internet Security–Unlimited for free for 30 days, because well, what have you go to lose. If you don’t like it, you can always revert to the free antivirus version if you want in any case. But I’m pretty sure you will.

Download AVG Internet Security-Unlimited now!
Download AVG Antivirus FREE now!
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